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creation story
It is hard to say when it all started and simply designate a starting point. For some of us it was a moment of acquaintance with styles of beer that differ from the traditional ones that are brewed in our country. For others it was a brief contact with a craft brewing revolution that rolled all over the world over the past decades. And for some of us it was a decision to try and brew a beer at home. We can only say that throughout the years, the interest that was born from these sparks, only grew stronger, evolved and eventually became an essential part of our lives.
The acquaintance of Dmitry Gorev and Sergey Berezkin at one of the city forums became the most significant moment for the brewery. While talking, they agreed pretty quickly that local bars and stores almost completely lack any interesting styles of beer and decided to brew one by themselves.
"It all came to the point where Sergey and I found a suitable private brewery, rented professional equipment and started brewing our own beer. What is more important, we decided that we will not brew "simple soft unfiltered "live" beer" that is so common in our region. Most brewers generally start brewing with this exact style, i.e. going with plan A, the most common one. We, on the other hand, were initially going to brew interesting, unusual and "off the wall" styles for connoisseurs, pursuing not profits but only quality.
That was our "Plan B."
For the first attempt we chose some styles with a strong hoppy component. The first sorts were highly appraised by both local and metropolitan beer lovers. It gave us self-confidence and contributed to the further development of our project.
Today all our beer is produced at our facility in Yaroslavl. Here we brew regular and seasonal styles, experimenting with long-time ageing and wild fermentation. Constant aspiration for making new flavors and monitoring inceptive styles all over the world led to the creation of several hundreds of new sorts, brewed solely according to our own author's recipes.
For us, brewing beer was always something bigger than just the production process. We do our best to introduce people to the world of beer, that spans far beyond the boundaries of mass produced sorts; to introduce them to different styles, specifics of flavor and aroma, beer history and culture. We share what we hold dear and hope to drop a spark into new hearts, a spark that once changed our lives.
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